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Wedding Breakfast Club is monthly brunch club for wedding suppliers from all round the UK. It is a safe and friendly wedding community to meet up, talk about ideas and eat brunch!

There are no hard and fast rules. Just show up, be friendly, eat, drink and enjoy having ‘colleagues’ for a morning!

In 2016, wedding photographer Lex Fleming started a community driven networking group called London Wedding Breakfast Club. The main premise was for wedding industry folk of London and the surrounding Counties to feel they are part of a community, and aren’t just stuck behind their desk alone. At first, we met once a month over coffee and pancakes and what started out as a purely selfish act to meet people, has transformed into 3 events a month.

Now over 3 years later, Wedding Breakfast Club is in 6 location round the UK with more planned for 2020. Nearly 7,000 wedding suppliers are part of the WBC community and creating new relationships and friendships with other suppliers.. Wedding suppliers and businesses now have a real life community to share work, share stories and learn the latest business trends to further our businesses. Friendships have been formed through Wedding Breakfast Club and a safe space for self-employed vendors lives on.




The Pantry

If you need the guidance and support of a facebook group, as well as become a WBC member, Join the Pantry today for just £15 a month!
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