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Founding Members


The brand new membership includes:

  • 20% off breakfast clubs events
  • New members only group where we will be nurturing and helping each other, posting referrals and second shooting jobs, assisting jobs, and get back the amazing supportive community that the original group once had. I will no longer be overlooking the current LWBC group, and will only be posting in the member’s only group.
  • Listing on the directory, providing a backlink to your website
  • WBC members badge for your website
  • Members only login for members where all pre-sale links will be, along with surprises and gifts throughout the year.
  • 2 coffee mornings a year for members only (the first being September 2019)
  • Unlimited focus group access (now named The Breakfast Table!) for members to share ideas and problems and be helped in person by fellow members
  • Members only Annual masterclass workshop to showcase your skills and practise public speaking in a safe space
  • Members only Christmas meal, before the LWBC annual Christmas party!
  • WBC members pin badge to show off and keep!

For just £15 a month!


The Pantry

If you need the guidance and support of a facebook group, as well as become a WBC member, Join the Pantry today for just £15 a month!
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