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The Pantry doors are now wide open and we can’t wait to welcome you into the Facebook group and the community. With so much already organised for February & March, get stuck in immediately to Wedding Breakfast Club.

Some final FAQ’s that you may have

Q. What if I sign up and decide its not for me? Can I leave?

A. You certainly can. We know that life throws things at us sometimes and for one reason or another you may decide to leave. The beauty of The Pantry is you can leave the community at any time. Simply log back in to your account via the website and suspend your subscription. Equally you can send Lex an email and she’ll help you cancel your membership too. Its commitment-free but we’d like to think you’ll stay for a while

Q. I really want to join but don’t live in London. Is it worth it?

A. The Pantry is every changing and growing. With more people joining from all over the UK…the demand in your area will grow. Areas that I want to create co-working events is Kent & Surrey. We also have a new meet up in Yorkshire and Brighton so WBC is growing! My advice is to join and schedule the big Pantry events like the coffee mornings, but make use of the Facebook group, the online peer to peer mentoring sessions, the free content and knowing you have a fantastic support system


The Pantry

If you need the guidance and support of a facebook group, as well as become a WBC member, Join the Pantry today for just £15 a month!
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