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The Pantry is re-opening its doors on 1st February. Will you be joining us?

Are you sick and tired of feeling like the only one having a bad business day? Perhaps you’d like to find your tribe of wedding suppliers to ask questions, refer jobs and create a supergroup of wedding vendors ready to take on the world? Then you should join the WBC Community The Pantry!


The WBC Community The Pantry launched in July 2019 and plays host to an incredibly close-knit community of wedding suppliers who work and socialise together. We’re ready to open our arms for new suppliers and businesses to join our virtual staff room and get involved in our events and conversations both on and off line.


Here are the benefits to The Pantry and joining the WBC community:


  • Be the first to learn of new WBC events and business opportunities round the UK
  • Pantry only events including co-working days, workshops and social events
  • Be part of a smaller, more intimate Facebook group, creating the sense of community with each other
  • Belong to a collective of wedding suppliers that’ll help you through the highs and lows of owning your own wedding business.
  • Monthly giveaways to help your business
  • Discounted tickets to breakfast clubs across the UK
  • Group mentoring sessions both on and offline to sound out ideas or concerns with your fellow Pantry members
  • The Pantry is ever growing so join now for just £15 a month.

For just £15 a month members will get a whole host of incredible benefits and offers. That’s the cost of bottle of wine you could polish off in one sitting (let’s not lie to ourselves)


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So what’s included:

  • 20% off tickets and presales for members for breakfast club events. 

Save yourself up to nearly £5 a month on your breakfast club ticket in London and book your ticket before everyone else! If you’ve tried coming to LWBC, you know it can sometimes sell out quicker than Glastonbury. Book your ticket  the day before everyone else with a private presale ticket, and enjoy saving a few quid each time you book. Discount excludes workshops and Christmas party

  • Private online group for members only to post referrals, questions and get assistants/second shooter

The Pantry has a dedicated Facebook group for members only. This will be a great space to create a community of members to ask questions, grow their businesses and have a safe space to chat. Post referrals, second shooting jobs, assistant opportunities and get your styled shoots all organised in a smaller, more trustworthy group with your fellow pantry pals!

  • Directory listing on the WBC collective website

Online directory website of all WBC suppliers, with backlinks to your website. As time moves on, we’ll have supplier spotlight posts on our Facebook page and Instagram, along with more opportunities to show off what you’ve been working on. This is a great way to create backlinks to your website and be part of a wonderful directory with your friends.

  • Members badge to list on your website

Show your couples and clients you are part of a wonderful wedding community. It is proven that couples love to know you network within the industry and may even more the other suppliers that are part of their wedding. 

  • 2 coffee mornings a year for members only 

With the huge success of coffee morning in our previous years, we will be bringing TWO free of charge coffee mornings, saving a total of £30. Coffee mornings are a great chance to quickly network with other suppliers and businesses, as well as catching up with friends. These will be held in September and March every year. These are hugely beneficial to you and your business by exchanging information with other members over a good brew!

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  • Unlimited focus group access

Last month saw the launch of Breakfast Table Sessions, the new focus group format available to just members. Up to 5 businesses can book on to a session and use each other as a trusted and openminded focus group to work through questions, ideas or problems. These are monthly events free of charge, and as soon as the first session is full up, another will begin. These can also be booked online for businesses further afield.

  • Annual masterclass workshop

An annual summit for members to attend, network and celebrate the year they’ve had. There will be speaking opportunities to practice public speaking from within our community, as well as workshops and sessions to partake in. Peer to peer learning is incredibly important to the WBC community and the annual summit will be a great opportunity to hone your teaching/speaking skills.

  • Monthly giveaways for members

Mostly giveaways to members that will help your business. From wall planners to vouchers for workshops, there is something for everyone

  • The Pantry is every growing with new things being added to the membership

From free resources and PDF’s, to co-working days and specialist workshops, The Pantry is every changing and always growing with new things being added to the membership. Join now and watch the added value of The Pantry going up and up.

With plenty more small perks being added, The Pantry is the go-to place to feel part of an incredible wedding community and further your business as part an intimate group. 

Whether it’s the 20% discount off breakfast club events, or the special members only Christmas meal in December, there are many reasons to join The Pantry and start creating a wonderful and intimate wedding community that I truly believe can change the UK wedding market

Sign up and join The Pantry soon!

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The Pantry

If you need the guidance and support of a facebook group, as well as become a WBC member, Join the Pantry today for just £15 a month!
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