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WBC’s Community is now open!

You’ve made the big leap and decided to start your wedding business. Hooray! You’ve made the website and started an Instagram page but as you wait patiently for the enquiries to come pouring in, you begin to wish you had a crew around you to tell you that they know the feeling of toe tapping patience and checking if your enquiry form is working! Maybe you’ve even begun to realise that being your own boss might have some minor downfalls.


If this is how you’re feeling  you are NOT alone


If you wish you had someone who was in the same spot as you to talk to; someone just as confused about sole trader tax, just as overwhelmed by their to-do lists, undeceiving if wedding fairs or Facebook ads are the next big business expense, then it’s time to find your new industry crew

I know all this because in 2016…this was me! I left my job with high spirits and expecting to be flying on private jets by June. The reality was I longed for the days when the postman had to ring my doorbell just so I can have a chat with another human being! I went from a bustling staff room and salary to suddenly wondering when the next client payment would come. I longed for a small community of like-minded suppliers that understood working at weekends was a job requirement and could help me with that seemingly never-ending to-do list!

If you’re looking for somewhere safe, friendly and helpful to share your highs and lows and have a reason to change out of your pyjamas, then the WBC Community is here to help.


Wedding Breakfast Club’s community membership (also known as The Pantry)  is a friendly wedding community jam packed full of events, conversation and networking to excel your business and your mental happiness. Whether its co-working, shoot days, business seminars, weekday evening drinks or those sold out breakfast club meet-ups, is a wonderful community where there is no question too big or small. You have access to the action packed Facebook group, lots of events like co-working in London & Essex and more events round the UK being added and a community to grow your business in good company


Here are the benefits to joining the WBC membership:

  • COMMUNITY: A close knit friendly bunch of wedding suppliers ready to help, answer questions and cheer you on in the private Facebook group. Just recently we “had a great thread about financial help, numerous referral posts and every week we have a ‘F*cking Hooray’ mega-thread to share your weekly wins!


  • NETWORKING: Chances to exchange jobs, refer other` members and grow your supplier networking organically and informally


  • DIRECTORY: Get a free listing on the Wedding Breakfast Club directory that is SEO’d and aimed at couples getting married. Members use the directory to easily recommend suppliers to their own couples


  • EVENTS: from co-working days to social events, get involved in the various Pantry only events every month. The next few months sees an all day conference, numerous co-working days, a Paris trip for photographers, gallery visits, evening drinks and so much more.


  • DISCOUNTS. Get up to £5 off breakfast club meet ups, along with discounted tickets to workshops, Summer & Christmas events and other industry wide events. Just last Christmas saw a members only Christmas meal before the main LWBC Christmas party took place.


Here’s the full list of what is currently included in your membership


  • 20% off tickets and presales for members for breakfast club events.
  • Private online group for members only to post referrals, questions and get assistants/second shooter
  • Directory listing on the WBC collective website
  • Members badge to list on your website
  • 2 coffee mornings a year for members only
  • Unlimited focus group access
  • Annual masterclass seminar conference in Spring
  • Monthly giveaways for members
  • The Pantry is every growing with new things being added to the membership


Join The Pantry for just £15 a month


You can cancel at any time and is totally commitment free. And if the Pantry isn’t right for you, I will offer you a money back guarantee for all new members for their first month of joining. YEP…if you aren’t happy by the end of your first month, I will refund you your £15.

So £15. What does that mean for you or your business?  Here are some things that also cost £15 or more


Still not convinced? Here are some questions you may currently have


Q. What if I sign up and decide its not for me? Can I leave?

A. You certainly can. We know that life throws things at us sometimes and for one reason or another you may decide to leave. The beauty of The Pantry is you can leave the community at any time. Simply log back in to your account via the website and suspend your subscription. Equally you can send Lex an email and she’ll help you cancel your membership too. Its commitment-free but we’d like to think you’ll stay for a while


Q. I really want to join but don’t live in London. Is it worth it?

A. The Pantry is every changing and growing. With more people joining from all over the UK…the demand in your area will grow. Areas that I want to create co-working events is Kent & Surrey. We also have a new meet up in Yorkshire and Brighton so WBC is growing! My advice is to join and schedule the big Pantry events like the coffee mornings, but make use of the Facebook group, the online peer to peer mentoring sessions, the free content and knowing you have a fantastic support system


Q. Will there be a cap on members for the WBC community?

A. Yes there is. I’m a firm believer of quality over quantity and I do not want anyone to feel unheard or lost in the crowd. There are currently 70 active members in The Pantry and I love the atmosphere more at both events and in the Facebook group when its under 300 members


Q. Will the price ever go up?

A. Nope. The price you register for is the price you’ll have the pantry for as long as you’re a member. If you choose to leave and re-join you will need to sign up at the current price point


Q. Can I pay yearly? It would save me the hassle

A. You certainly can. Just email me and I can send over the link for paying annually


Q. What happens after the end of February? When can I next join?

A. Once The Pantry closes end of February, we will only let members in my referral. So if you know someone in The Pantry just tap them up for a referral in 😉




Ready to join the community?


It’s really easy to join. Click below and register. Once you’ve joined, you’ll be re-directed to a page with some information, a video to watch, link to the Facebook Page and you can start adding the Pantry events to your diary!



The Pantry

If you need the guidance and support of a facebook group, as well as become a WBC member, Join the Pantry today for just £15 a month!
Become a monthly member of WBC


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